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Custom orders are incredibly sentimental for both you and I. Putting minds together to bring your dream piece to life. This process brings you, the customer along side me, the designer deep into the creative process. 

How it works-

Your custom order enquiry will be assessed then approved if your design is within my capability and with my aesthetic.

Depending on your choice of stone, metal etc. You will be sent a final quote once we have finalised the design and everything has been approved. 

If you have ended up on this page from 'made to order' link please enquire with name or description of piece you'd like to recreate. 

You will then be required to make a 50% non-refundable deposit before we can start creating the piece. This amount will then be taken off your final price. You must ensure you have given me the right size, as custom pieces cannot be resized, refunded or exchanged. 

A piece may take up to 4-6 weeks to complete depending on the design.

Once completed, you will be sent photos of the finalised piece and final payment requested. 

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